Two Recent Developments of Medical Simulation Models

Medical simulation models continue to evolve to meet the needs of medical professionals seeking innovative training solutions. Two recent developments in this field include:

Simulation Models for Robotic Surgery

With the rise of robotic surgery, medical simulation models have been developed to train surgeons in the use of these complex systems. These simulation models aim to provide a realistic experience for clinicians, allowing them to develop the necessary skills and competency required for the successful deployment of robotic surgical procedures. If you need to customize medical simulation models in bulk , as one of the professional medical simulator manufacturers, please feel free to contact with us.

Augmented Reality Simulation Models

Augmented reality technology is being increasingly used in medical simulation models to provide a more immersive and interactive training experience. This technology can provide a realistic visual representation of medical procedures, and can even provide haptic feedback to simulate the physical experience of performing a procedure. Augmented reality simulation models have been developed for a range of medical procedures, including endoscopic surgery and catheterisation.