Medical Training Model FAQ



Why Preclinic?

1. We have rich experience in medical image processing, rapid and accurate extraction of clinical organ anatomical structure data, and targeted design of medical body model to meet specific needs;

2. We have self-developed polymer material formula, highly bionic human tissue feels during operation of surgical instruments, and has obtained a number of national patent authorizations;

3. We have complete simulation molding process chain, based on the extracted clinical image data, 1:1 physical restoration of complex human anatomical structure, the shape and operation texture is realistic.

How do I buy the model?

Connect our sales or visit our company.

The sales will ask questions about product features, key differentiators, and the other details you want to tell and then tease out whether our standard products meet your requirements. If the calibration products do not meet the requirements, we will provide a customized solution.

How to get the quote?

Our standard products are priced flat and can be requested directly from the sales you contact.

The price of customized products is to calculate the cost according to the customer's budget and functional requirements, and calculate the quotation on the basis of cost.

Concept sketches and the conversations around them are at no charge to the client.

Are your models representative of an average person?

There is no real way to define a single anatomical geometry to be representative of a population.

For marketing and training we can make models based on data from normal adults.

For R&D and clinical cases, we can work with you to define multiple versions of a model to meet special customization needs.

How does the model replicate the anatomy?

We can reconstruct anatomy in a three-dimensional reconstructed way using actual MRI and CT data that the customers provide or from our digital human.

Will other companies get to use or buy my custom product?

All your customized products are only available to your company. We will not sell stock or pre-made models.

All designs, processes and methods we develop to meet the needs of our customers are our intellectual property.

All products, molds and fixtures produced are your property upon receipt of full payment.

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