High-precision Pulsatile Pump
high precision pulsatile pump medical models

High-precision Pulsatile Pump

This product is mainly composed of pulse pump system, control system and output display system. This pulsatile pump is used to provide blood flow power source for human blood flow simulation device, and can accurately adjust the required simulation parameters. As one of the professional medical simulator manufacturers, please feel free to contact with us.

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Features of High-precision Pulsatile Pump

• Fluid media: water, preclinic lubricating fluid, blood-like

• Pulsation frequency: 5-160beat/min

• Maximum output per heartbeat: 80ml

• Cardiac output: 5.5L/min@70Beat/min

• Maximum output pressure: 250mm Hg

• Temperature control accuracy: 0-100℃±0.2℃

• Power: 90-240VAC/50-60Hz, 400W

• Pro. Dimensions: 210*150*280mm

• Weight: 6.6kg

• Reference standard: ISO 5840-3

Specifications of High-precision Pulsatile Pump

High-precision pulsatile pumpMODEL: PLAB1001
Product SizeModel length: 21 cm (8.3 in)
Model width: 15cm (5.9 in)
 Model height: 28 cm (11.0 in)
Lead Time15 days
PortShanghai, China

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