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As one of the professional medical simulation companies, we help medical professionals in innovative practice and ability enhancement with advanced medical simulation products, enabling them to cope with serious clinical challenges calmly.

Medical Simulator Solutions in Preclinic Medtech
Medical Device Research and Development Testing Solutions
Professional Medical Simulator Manufacturers

Provide 1:1 high simulation organs and supporting devices for human body, provide physical testing basis for device development personnel, and quickly evaluate device performance.

  • Anatomical reality: The model data is derived from human CT data, designed and produced in a 1:1 ratio.

  • Material simulation: Multiple materials available to simulate the physical texture and parameters of organs.

  • Development of supporting equipment: including model power source, support and observation devices.

Medical body model development, to provide customers with the most suitable medical surgery simulator, accelerator research and development.

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Medical Device Market Promotion Solutions
Professional Medical Simulation Companies

Design and manufacture the optimal display and training model based on the characteristics of the device, providing an intuitive practical experience for the device and presenting its advantages intuitively.

  • Personalized customization: customize the device simulation plan according to usage requirements

  • Material simulation: Multiple materials available to simulate the physical texture and parameters of organs

  • Portable and easy to use: Lightweight design, integrated packaging box, easy to carry

One stop model and simulation device development, providing customers with the most suitable simulation device, allowing target customers to quickly understand the characteristics of the device.

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Minimally Invasive Interventional Surgery Training Solution
Professional medical models suppliers

Design and manufacture a 1:1 high simulation model based on the characteristics of surgical training.

  • Anatomic simulation: design and production based on clinical CT and real case data

  • Operational texture simulation: multiple materials available, simulating the physical texture and parameters of organs

  • Development of supporting equipment: including training and assessment software, providing training effectiveness evaluation

Provide customers with standard and customized medical training and simulation equipment, targeted training modules, and improve training efficiency.

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Bronchoscopy Training Model

Bronchoscopy Training Model
Bronchoscopy Training Model

This Bronchoscopy surgery training simulator adopts a high-simulation bronchus model produced based on clinical CT data as well as internal visual reproduction and virtuality-reality combination technology, which simulates the touch sense of bronchoscope operation and scene to a very high degree. With a clear operation image and similar touch sense to clinical operation, it can be used to train young bronchoscopists according to the courses and clinical training cases formulated by experts, help the trainee master correct clinical diagnostic thinking and operation methods, standardized bronchus diagnosis and treatment skills soon, while shortening the bronchoscope learning cycle considerably.

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