The First Renji Digestive Endoscopy Training Program "Through the Curved Mirror" Concludes Successfully

In the vast ocean of medicine, digestive endoscopy technology is undoubtedly a surging wave, bringing revolutionary changes to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. On May 5, 2024, the first Renji Digestive Endoscopy Training Course, organized by the Renji Digestive Endoscopy Center and the Renji Clinical Training Center, and co-organized by Pulin Medical Simulation, successfully concluded, offering a valuable learning opportunity for digestive endoscopy medical professionals.


The training content included basic operational techniques of digestive endoscopy, diagnostic methods, treatment strategies, and also featured simulated operation assessment sessions, giving trainees the chance to operate hands-on and deeply experience the charm of digestive endoscopy.

During the training, the trainees showed high enthusiasm for learning and a strong desire for knowledge. They unanimously expressed that through this training, and they not only deepened their understanding of digestive endoscopy technology but also mastered more practical operational skills, which are of great significance for their future clinical work.

The following are the on-site images: