Full-body Vascular Simulation Models

The full body vascular simulation models are designed and produced based on real human CT data. Through modular design, it can simulate the structural characteristics of human arteries, veins, as well as vascular stenosis, calcification, and aneurysm. At the same time, silicone vascular models are made of highly transparent soft silicone gel, with a touch and clinical resemblance. With the help of matching pulsation pumps, pressure sensors, and other equipment, it can simulate the blood flow pressure, flow rate, temperature, and other hemodynamic physical states in the blood vessel lumen. When used with simulated DSA equipment and contrast agents, it can achieve visual effects close to real clinical vascular imaging. In addition, the full body vascular simulation models can also be directly used for simulation operations under DSA and X-ray equipment. 

The full vascular simulation models can be used for clinical training in vascular interventional surgery and the development of new medical devices. By using modular lesions alternately, it can simulate various interventional surgical experiences for vascular diseases.

Applications of the full body vascular simulation models

Main advantages of the full body vascular simulation models

Stable physical state

Provides stable structure and blood flow parameter simulation for surgical simulation operations and instrument testing

Multiple vascular access options

Including femoral artery, brachial artery, subclavian artery, and carotid artery puncture points

Multiple lesion replacement exercises

Diseased locations with high incidence of vascular diseases are designed with modular structure, facilitating the replacement of lesions with different structures and conditions

Simulation of multiple blood flow states

Using the simulated pump system to change heart rate, blood pressure, and cardiac output. Suitable for various case scenarios, adjusting to appropriate vascular flow states

Recordable operation process

Capture or record the operation scenes through the simulated DSA system, and repeatedly review or export them for storage and retention, providing support for the review and improvement of surgical simulation

Provides radiation-free training

Transparent blood vessels combined with radiation-free simulated DSA equipment provide visual support for observing simulated vascular operations without the need for X-ray

Humanoid appearance

Enhances the realism of operation practice, while simulating the surgical position, instrument placement, and team coordination in actual usage scenarios

Material performance parameters of the full body vascular simulation models

Non-toxic and odorless, made of food-grade silicone (can provide test certificates) Model: PL-X3


Highly transparent (transmittance 290%)



Hardness (Shore A)


Tensile strength


Elongation at break


Tear strength